Rooibos Symphony Frappe

Rooibos Symphony Frappe
Rooibos Symphony Frappe

Red rooibos espresso and decadent Belgian white chocolate come together to create our most rich and delicious rooibos drink blended to cold and creamy perfection.

1. Measure ice cream directly into blender jug
2. Scoop white chocolate into malt pitcher
3. Pull Rooibos espresso into a shot glass to measure, add to malt pitcher
4. Blend chocolate-rooibos for 7 – 10 seconds and pour into blender jug
5. Assure all liquid in the blender comes to 8oz for regular and 10oz for a Waves size.
6. Fill serving cup heaping full with ice and add to the blender jug
7. Blend. Pour into serving cup and add whipped cream if requested
8. Place appropriate lid on and serve with a straw


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